Music events

Being the music city on Lake Constance means a wide range of concerts on site, but also with a wide reach. Numerous events in the districts of Böhringen, Güttingen, Liggeringen, Markelfingen, Möggingen, Stahringen and of course in the town center on the market square, in the dairy, under the concert sail and at the concert shell attract Radolfzell residents and guests from all over.

Promenade concerts

Image rights: Lichterloh Photography

It’s that time again! On May 21, June 25 and July 9 and 23, 2023, promenade concerts will once again take place at the concert sail.

Enjoy your time by the lake with musical entertainment from 14 participating choirs, bands and bands.

Concerts on 21.05.2023

11 a.m. – Böhringen Connection

Kolja Legde/contrabass & Ralf Kleinehanding/vibraphone

Image rights: Ralf Kleinehanding

Two very different instruments meet in the Böhringer Connection, the vibraphone and the double bass. In varied improvisations, there are fusions of hard and soft, light and dark as well as wild and subtle. An extraordinary concert for the ear and the eye. Ralf Kleinehanding on vibraphone and Kolja Legde on double bass will be playing.

2 p.m. – Acoustic Duo Evi & Bern

Image rights: Eva Heim

Evi and Bern – two passionate musicians who have been devoting themselves to music for decades and have been following this path together for several years. They regularly inspire different generations with their interpretations of oldies, dance music, folk and country. Enjoy how the duo breathes new life into well-known classics.

5 & 8 pm – Transmission

Image rights: Norbert Fuchs

Transmission is known for its own interpretations of the best rock music from the seventies to the present day. For us musicians, it is always a special event to experience a great evening with you and we are delighted when the spark from our stage performance comes across to you. For you there are: Eva (singer), Peter (singer), Bernd (bass, choir vocals), Max (rhythm guitar, choir vocals), Ralf (lead guitar, choir vocals), Andy (drums)

Concerts on 25.06.2023

11 a.m. – Liggeringen Music Society

Image rights: 2017-2023 Musikverein Liggeringen

The Liggeringen Music Society was founded in 1880 in the highest village on the Bodanrück. The association currently has 44 members and is led by conductor Markus Müller. Christian Weber is the 1st chairman of the association. The Musikverein Liggeringen inspires people in the region with its music and is an important part of local cultural life.

2 pm – Canti Nova

For 35 years, the choir has enriched our region with currently around 30 men and women. From English to African and German songs, upcoming concerts are prepared every Tuesday evening. Canti Nova has started its anniversary year with great momentum. They unpack the first songs of the choir and expand their repertoire with atmospheric love songs and other cheerful songs.
Interested singers are very welcome to attend the rehearsal.

5 p.m. – Böhringen senior citizens’ band

After a birthday party in 2001, the joy of brass music and the camaraderie were the driving force behind the founding of the senior citizens’ band. The currently 18 musicians meet every 14 days for music rehearsals and social get-togethers. The repertoire includes polkas, marches, waltzes and popular folk melodies. The band is led by Ernst Schafhäutle and supervised by Willi Fischer.

8 pm – Sound Idea

Image rights: Sepp Bögle

The Lounge Trio goes open air.

Sound Idea, that is Bernadette, Andi and Ulli, initiators of the new culture cellar “Sound Idea Lounge” in the Scheffelhof, present a colorful bouquet of attractive songs. Listeners can look forward to a successful mix of well-known soul, jazz and pop songs from many decades, specially arranged and interpreted by Sound Idea and sometimes improvised.

Further information will follow.

Concerts on 09.07.2023

11 a.m. – Accordion Orchestra Radolfzell e. V.

Image rights: Helmut Dirla

The Radolfzell Accordion Orchestra treats its listeners to music from various centuries and genres, mostly in its own special arrangements. Classical chamber music, tangos by Astor Piazzolla, swing by Cannonball Adderley… everything comes together to create a high-quality program for the ears, brain and heart. Rudi Hartmann and his musicians will provide a special musical experience!

2 p.m. – Savings bank music

Image rights: Sparkassenverband BW

We, the Sparkasse band, are around 20 musicians: from trainees to department heads, from amateur musicians to professionals. Rehearsals take place once a month. Of course, this doesn’t always work out in the stressful working day, but when it comes to our selected performances and socializing, everyone is motivated.

5 pm – Musikverein Böhringen 1905 e. V.

Image rights: Andreas Kochlöffel

With over 65 musicians, the Musikverein Böhringen 1905 e. V. is an important cultural institution in Böhringen and the region around Radolfzell. He has attracted attention in recent years with special concert projects. For example, the music of a symphonic wind orchestra has already been brought together with the visual arts under the motto “Klangkunst & Farbenspiel” or the fairy tale “Cinderella” has been set to music as a family concert.

8 pm – Musikverein Markelfingen 1921 e. V.

Image rights: Photographer Andreas Kochlöffel

The Musikverein Markelfingen 1921 e.V. is a symphonic wind orchestra with a long tradition. For 100 years, it has participated in village life with traditional brass music and concert performances. Participation in music festivals and competitions is also part of club life. The Markelfingen Music Association currently has 44 active musicians aged between 16 and 83.

Further information will follow.

Concerts on 23.07.2023

11 a.m. – Squeeze Commodians

Image rights: Helmut Dirla

The Quetschkommodians perform well-known and popular melodies that delight the ear and heart. Handmade music as it should be! The ensemble of adult re-entrants or “late-coming” accordionists has already achieved considerable success under the direction of Rudi Hartmann. This concert at the lake aims to win more fans for the combo, but in any case to please all listeners!

2 pm – Radolfzeller Schnooke Vielharmoniker

Image rights: Claudia Bignion & Ralph Vogel

The Radolfzell Schnooke Vielharmoniker are not a club, but a loose association of music-loving people of different ages with very different levels of experience in brass music. In almost 50 years of musical activity, they have created their very own repertoire, from groovy Dixie to old hits, folk songs, polkas and marches.

5 p.m. – Mixed choir Radolfzell

Image rights: Anke Kehl

Mixed – that’s our motto! Younger and older – tall and short – thicker and thinner – singers with different vocal ranges come together here. Under the direction of Selina Fritz, the 50 voices are formed into a homogeneous whole. Accompanied by pianist Thomas Förster, we present everything from profound gospels to lively music from the 1930s and current pop music. Immerse yourself in a wonderful mixture of sounds.

8 p.m. – Zell-A-Capella

Image rights: Zell-A-Capella

Zell-A-Capella shows what love of music and the joy of life can do for a small ensemble of amateur singers: A musical surprise package that – completely without instruments – creates atmosphere and conveys moods. Whether funny or thoughtful, rough or gentle – the six singers leave nothing out in the heat of the summer and dig deep into their large repertoire of cool songs. We hope you enjoy it!


Radolfzell Lake Festival

Radolfzell Lake Festival

The next edition of the lake festival will take place in 2024. Tickets are available from 2024 at the Tourist Information Radolfzell or via reservix.

Marketplace concert

Marketplace concert

On the last Friday in June, the marketplace concert takes place in Radolfzell every two years. A top-class symphonic brass band concert against the picturesque backdrop of Radolfzell Minster, performed by the Stadtkapelle Radolfzell.

Organizer is the cultural office of the city of Radolfzell in cooperation with the Stadtkapelle Radolfzell.

Music City Concerts

In this series, successful musicians are presented at irregular intervals who grew up in Radolfzell, were musically influenced by Radolfzell and wish to present themselves again in Radolfzell.

Whether it’s a song recital in the Villa Bosch, a lounge concert in the foyer of the Milchwerk or a horn ensemble in the Christuskirche, the diversity is high.

Further concert events and series in Radolfzell

Bluesnight Radolfzell

On the third Friday in August, Radolfzell is transformed into a blues stronghold.

New Year’s Concert

The Southwest German Philharmonic Orchestra makes an annual guest appearance at the Milchwerk for the New Year’s Concert

Milchwerk Music Festival

In late summer, the Milchwerk presents top-class stars of the German music scene.

Rock am Segel

Open air concert by the Youth Community Council at the end of the school year.

Mettnau Summernights / Jazz Open

Open air concerts by Zeller Kultur e.V. at the old concert shell.

International Summer Academy

Master classes for violin, violoncello, piano and conducting in August and September

Picture credits: Michael Schrodt, Kuhnle and Knödler, Björn Jansen, Simon Pauly, Norbert Braun