Welcome to the city of music on Lake Constance!

Radolfzell can look back on 300 years of musical tradition. With a population of 32,000, there are over 2,000 active musicians. They play in ensembles such as the town band, the youth wind orchestra, the local music clubs, several choirs and, of course, as soloists. The musical formations of the committed regional musicians, the variety of genres performed, the music school and the International Summer Academy ensure that Radolfzell is not only known in the region for music of an outstanding standard, but also far beyond.

Being the music city on Lake Constance also means a wide range of concerts on site, but also with a wide reach. Numerous events in the districts of Böhringen, Güttingen, Liggeringen, Markelfingen, Möggingen, Stahringen, and of course in the town center on the market square, in the dairy, under the concert sail and at the concert shell attract Radolfzellers and guests from all over.

The project

With the “Radolfzell City of Music” project, the town is positioning itself regionally and nationally as a relevant cultural location. In a survey of Radolfzell residents and tourists in the fall of 2016, a majority of 70 percent were in favor of this project. As part of the “STEP 2030” urban development plan, it was therefore decided to strengthen citizens’ identification with music and to raise Radolfzell’s profile as a city of music nationwide.

The implementation of the project is based on three pillars. The first pillar combines musical education and the promotion of young talent through the work and offerings of the music school, from early childhood development to master classes, as well as through numerous collaborations with schools and clubs.

Unique musical events and success stories form the focus of the second pillar. In addition to constant innovation in the program concept, the Radolfzell Lake Festival, the internationally renowned master classes of the Summer Academy and cooperation concerts with the Southwest German Philharmonic Orchestra are representative of this. These events establish Radolfzell as a location for excellent training opportunities and unforgettable concerts. Special mention should be made of the many music professionals who have come out of the Radolfzell music education program, who perform with renowned orchestras and institutions worldwide and who are brought back to the music city of Radolfzell for very special concerts. The third pillar focuses on the core theme of Radolfzell as a network and platform. The city’s music players and their artistic work are communicated through the new website, among other things, and at the same time motivated to actively participate and present themselves. This is achieved with new event formats and cooperation partners such as the Milchwerk Music Festival.