Registration for participation in the Culture Night


Artists from Radolfzell and its districts who would like to present their works at the event or participate with an activity can register using the following form:

    Personal data:




    Telephone number:*




    My action / my program takes place:




    Order furniture:


    (Area to be equipped: 2.4 m x 1.2 m; maximum 3 partitions per artist)

    Pedestals à 5,95€:

    Tables / bistro tables / bar tables à 5,95€:

    Chairs € 2.38 each;

    Construction spotlights at € 2.38 each:

    Light cubes at € 5.95 each:

    Lighting by external companies: € 23.80 (flat rate)

    Damage to the partition walls will be charged by the Kulturbüro.

    There is only a limited number of exhibition walls available, these will be allocated according to the date of receipt of registration. If all the partition walls have already been allocated, the Cultural Office is under no obligation to provide replacements.


    After submitting your registration, please enter the data for the homepage of the Cultural Office by 04.08.2024 in the contact form on the Internet at (only these online registrations will be considered).

    Order advertising material:
    Please indicate the number of promotional materials you can distribute. The display on the Culture Night itself must also be taken into account.

    Number of posters

    Number of flyers

    The ordered advertising material can probably be picked up from September 11, 2024 at the Kulturbüro Radolfzell; Güttingerstraße 13; 78315 Radolfzell.If the budget for the advertising material is exceeded due to the ever-increasing number of orders, the Kulturbüro will reduce the order of all artists by a percentage

    I would like to receive the flyer as a PDF file:

    The above points and I hereby agree to the conditions of participation of the Kulturnacht*