Cultural night in Radolfzell

Cultural highlight on Untersee

Culture-loving night owls should make a note of October 2. For more than 17 years, the town of Radolfzell has hosted the Radolfzell Culture Night on this date under the motto “Night of the Arts”.


This year, the focus will be on the Radolfzell district of Markelfingen. In cooperation with the local administration of Markelfingen, with “Markelfingen attraktiv e.V.” and with the “Kunstfreunde Markelfingen”, an art mile will enrich the cultural night. A rich program awaits visitors: music, theater, visual arts and photography can be admired in many places. Food and drink will also be well catered for.

The Culture Night will be opened at 6 pm in the Markholfhalle Markelfingen by Lord Mayor Simon Gröger.

Afterwards, over one hundred artists present their works of art in Markelfingen and in the town center of Radolfzell. Art lovers are invited to drift through the streets until late at night and get to know the local cultural diversity.

A bus service connects the districts with the town center and Markelfingen.

In order to continue to offer visitors to the traditional Culture Night a varied program in the future, the Radolfzell cultural office is attempting to generate income of at least €3,000 through a crowdfunding campaign. Anyone who would like to support the project is invited to donate a contribution of their choice for the Culture Night on the internet platform between Monday, September 4 and Wednesday, October 4, 2023.

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Thank you very much!


Core city

Places at a glance

Dairy plant

Werner-Messmer-Str. 14, 78315 Radolfzell

Shady Altamar

Shady Almatar’s graphics are usually economical, often almost sparse, and therefore all the more effective. They talk about faith, home and identity – and about the fact that we are all in the same boat at the end of the day. His work thrives on contrast, black clashes with white, light with shadow, good with evil – but where the boundaries blur, there is no diffuse grey area: the forms overlap and together create something new with its very own identity, symbolized by the hopeful ray of sunshine that is inherent throughout his work.

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Pierre-François Bocion

In 1998, Pierre-François Bocion left Novartis AG in Basel, where he headed a small institute for crop protection research. He has been working on drawings and paintings in his spare time since 1986. From 1998 to 2002, he attended the art academy in Zurich and has been involved in artistic projects ever since.

Karin Eißler

Karin Eißler’s abstract paintings are explosive in color and form. Using inner images and emotions as a means of liberation, they create a visual experience.

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Jorge Gonzalez – landscape and travel

The love of photography and remembering the small details of where you were.

To put them down on paper and feel the happiness or melancholy of what you felt or went through in your life at that moment.

It’s not just a journey, it’s memories.

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Gitta Marquardt-Baladurage – Creativity in form and color

The painter Gitta Marquardt-Baladurage works mainly with acrylic paints. Her exhibits also include collages in which she uses acrylic with other materials. Her individual signature is characterized by a wealth of colour and form: “The result of my work should speak for itself. The viewer should have space for their own thoughts.”

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Roberta Mincone

Roberta Mincone was born in Singen in 1975 and emigrated to Abruzzo (Italy) with her family at the age of 6. She began her career at the age of 14 at the Istituto d`arte art school in Chieti. Ceramic modeling and painting have always been her passion. In 1997, she took part in the international symposium on the Rielasingen sculpture trail and subsequently trained as a sculptor with Marcus Schwarz in Rielasingen, for which she is extremely grateful to her teacher.
2020 & 2021 Culture night in Böhringen
2022 Culture night Rielasingen
2023 First own vernissage at the Event House Rielasingen
2023 Culture night Rielasingen
2024 Exhibition at the MAC Museum Singen

Further information

Marion Pilz – Lucyart

Marion Pilz, born in Kassel, studied at the Bavarian Academy for Marketing and Advertising in Munich, graduating with a degree in communications. She completed her studies in contemporary art in Überlingen with a diploma. The artistic focus of her freelance work lies in oil painting, drawing and printmaking.

Marion Pilz was awarded the International Art Prize at the State Art School in Lodz, Poland, in 2018. In her artistic work, she often finds her inspiration in the immediate, but also in the socio-political environment, often focusing on people and nature. In this exhibition, the artist shows oil paintings and works on paper.
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Anna Samira

Born in Radolfzell on Lake Constance, Anna Samira was already painting before she learned to walk. Today, the 20-year-old mainly paints oil portraits, which are characterized by an intense expression of emotion. The mixture of realism and abstract elements is unmistakable.


Thomas Rendler – between pop art and realism

Acrylic painting with expressive portraits. In a style that fuses urban art with pop art and realism. The pictures should convey joy and emotion, and ideally encourage people to look at them for a long time and think about them. Various national exhibitions as well as solo and group exhibitions in Austria, Switzerland and Spain.

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Sofia Still

The artist Sofia Still (born 1975) has been living on Lake Constance as a freelance painter since 2013.

“Time is what inspires me. Time is unstoppable, sometimes daunting and merciless. Time rules over people. Only art can stop time and give a moment the feeling of timelessness,” says Sofia Still.

The artist works with oil paints, the medium that enables her to “experience time as fluid and impermanent, belonging simultaneously to the past and the present”, says Sofia Still.


Gabi Vogt – the art of paper folding

Even as a child, Gabriele Vogt was magically attracted to all kinds of paper. Every scrap of color that could be found was used to create the piece. She later got to know origami and was fascinated by the endless possibilities of being creative without scissors and glue and of constantly folding and developing new models.

Folding beautiful, funny and practical things from a sheet of paper using only your hands: There is nothing that has not already been depicted in origami. Animals, flowers, vehicles, stars … Gabi Vogt also gives courses at the VHS in Radolfzell.

Further information

Katharina Kutscharski – Kathis Kreativstübchen

Katharina Kutscharski lives on the beautiful Höri peninsula, is a qualified nurse and works as an administrative assistant in a clinic. As the winter months are often a bit long and she likes to be creative in her free time, she decided to take up a new hobby in winter: candles and decorations (plates, bowls and figurines).

The candles are designed with sayings or symbols for a wide variety of occasions. The relief powder that Katharina Kutscharski uses consists of non-toxic ceramic powder. The artist also decorates and designs with dried flowers.

Jutta Wagner-Kleinhempel – Felting and shaping, wool, silk

Jutta Wagner-Kleinhempel presents handmade exhibits made from sheep’s wool fibers, which are designed using various felting techniques. Flowers, stones, pictures, light objects – wafer-thin and fragrant, playful, original, dimensionally stable and hard-wearing. There will also be an insight into the different felting techniques and the courses currently offered by the lecturer at the VHS.

Mirjam Wingender

Mirjam Wingender, born in 1985 in Troisdorf/NRW, lives and works as a freelance painter and cultural educator in Radolfzell and Troisdorf. In 2009, she graduated in painting from the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences in Bonn. Making art tangible for people of all ages and backgrounds is a major concern for her, which is why she offers art projects at various social institutions.

Since 2008 solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad.
Studio member Alte Kaserne Radolfzell/Kunsthaus Troisdorf Member of BBK Bonn, Rhein-Sieg e.V.
Member of the Bonn artist group Art 7
Gallery representations: Galerie Mellies, Detmold and Limit Studio Galerie, Cologne

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Bailando dance training – show dance with tap dance and live singing

It gets colorful again with two short revues about the 1920s and 1970s. And the content is highly calorific with ice cream and cake – but with cream, please!

Performance times: 6 p.m. / 6.45 p.m. / 7.30 p.m. / 8.15 p.m. / 9.15 p.m. / 10.30 p.m.

Further information

Bee art Sabine Carrillo – Pictures made of wax, propolis, gold leaf

During her artistic training in Freiburg, she discovered the materials of bees as a means of expression. Her pictures are created out of affection and admiration for these wonderful animals, which also fascinate her as a beekeeper. Sabine Carrillo has come full circle, combining her love of bees with her artistic work.

Peter Helm
Meditative photography

Seeing is important, not the technology.
An essential element is undivided attention to what he is doing (“doing with all his heart”). Not thinking about what was before and not about what could be after.
Being present in this moment, but not dreaming, but wide awake. That is all.
After taking the photo, the image is processed as little as possible, i.e. later on the computer only the cropping of the image and possibly a slight contrast correction is carried out. That is all. No gimmicks with graphics software.
In addition to “sea pictures”, full moon photographs are also shown as “scroll pictures”, which were created in the style of Japanese scroll pictures.

Further information

Zell culture

Fürstenbergstr. 7, 78315 Radolfzell

Beuys Intuition Box Revival – Beuys Intuition Box Revival

This exhibition is all about the intuition box and what intuition actually is. The artist Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) designed and sold 12,000 copies of his Intuition Box between 1968 and 1986. In the fall of 2022, Jean-Charles Roussel came up with the idea of giving artists from the region one of his raw boxes and working materials for Beuys’ box and the following assignment: Design your own intuition box! The exhibition shows how differently the term “intuition” can be approached and used in design.

Music, performance, dance

7.30 pm: Music from the youth theater group: Visitors can enjoy an evening of wonderful ballads with singer Sayenn Floristeanu accompanied by guitarist Karim Hoseini and pianist Polina Luniachenko.

8pm: Performance with literature and dance with PeMa Art = writer & performance artist Pete Guy Spencer and dancer & choreographer Marie Chabert

9 p.m.: Estela Loves Dance – performance also for joining in

For cultural diversity and encounters

– 6 p.m. to midnight: On the road to life: Pictures from the “Children’s Art Afternoons” with Anke Christel-Weidemann
– 6.30 pm: Pete Guy Spencer: Poetry/fairy tale reading in the painting venue
– 7 p.m.: Good evening! Wolf, chicken and fox do the honors (Klappmaulpuppenimpro)

For cultural diversity and encounters

– 6 p.m. to midnight: 14 years of Theater Zeller Kultur Zentrum: Stations, pictures, documents …

– 22.30 / 23.30: Short film by David Gräber

– 11 p.m.: Good night then! Wolf, chicken and fox do the honors (Klappmaulpuppenimpro)

Further information

Carl Duisburg Centrum

Fürstenbergstr. 1, 78315 Radolfzell

Artist group ART:LIGG

Klaus Lindenau, Anita Joos, Miriam Mangold, Sabine Saur – all artists regularly work independently in their small group Art:Ligg on their projects in the Steinmetz studio in Liggeringen.


3 sets of 20 min. 7 / 7.30 / 8 p.m.

2sam are Susan Gönner and Simon Weiland: a duo with sensitive music and poetry in German. Susan writes the songs and sings. Simon arranges and accompanies. Delicate and powerful vibrations are created, which naturally evoke a resonance.

Further information

Labinot Haxholli – Sea plastic as fish?

Labinot Zahir Haxholli was born in Marec/Prishtine (Kosovo) in 1988 and studied art (graphics) at the University of Pristina (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees). He has participated in various exhibitions in his home town. He has lived in Radolfzell since 2019.

Labinot Haxholli mainly works with a historical printing press and uses various techniques such as aquatint, engraving or linocut. Installations are also part of his repertoire.

His works deal, among other things, with the interplay between man and nature, the works exhibited here in particular with the increasing pollution of the oceans.

Further information

Selina Franck – Art inspired by nature

Selina Franck wants to capture the beauty of the moment with her pictures. Bright colors that convey a positive feeling of lightness. She prefers to paint with acrylic paint on canvas. Her work is characterized in particular by colourful floral motifs. Colorful, lively and timeless.


Bettina Franck – living sustainability

Away from conventions and rules, Bettina Franck loves to reinvent herself time and again. From acrylic painting to clay and natural everyday materials – art is so versatile and she really enjoys experimenting with different materials.

Adalbert Brütsch – I see something you don’t see

Photography offers the opportunity to expand the limits of our vision, to gain new impressions and to give the imagination room to maneuver. Making fast processes visible, showing small objects in an unusual size, using long exposures to make nocturnal scenes appear in a new light – these are just a few examples of what Adalbert Brütsch shows. Unusual lighting moods will also be on display. Here, photography gives us the chance to capture special images that can only be admired for a short time so that we can look at them again and again. Portraits as well as landscape and nature photographs round off the selection of images.

Christine Torres-Sprenger – wooden objects and acrylic paintings

Christine Torres-Sprenger moved from Cologne to Stahringen in 2015. Born in Upper Franconia in 1948, she moved to Argentina as a child and returned to Germany to study. She studied art and Spanish for the higher teaching profession at RWTH Aachen University and worked at a grammar school.
Exhibitions were held in Cologne and Bonn and the surrounding area, as well as in Stahringen and Möggingen and at the Kulturnacht 2019.
Torres-Sprenger loves the soft colors and nature. With the found objects made of wood, she is concerned with the painterly elaboration of the inner essence. Soulful images of nature – sometimes more realistic, sometimes more abstract – are recognizable in the paintings.


Calculating machines, telephones, radios and computers: in this exhibition, CompuRama-Radolfzell e.V. shows just how fast-moving technology is. What was the most advanced technology a few years ago is now a device that is often ridiculed for its outdated functionality. The laptop of today was the drag-top of the past. Come by and remember the days of your youth!

Bookshop at the Obertor

Obertorstr. 7, 78315 Radolfzell

Calligraphy meeting place Radolfzell – KalligraFeen…

The “Kalligraphie-Treff Radolfzell” shows things worth seeing on the subject of writing. Works of art created throughout the year – lovingly arranged in the bookshop at Obertor – can be admired and admired. Welcome and come on in!

Performance times: 7 pm, 9 pm, 11 pm

Further information

Villa Bosch

Scheffelstr. 8, 78315 Radolfzell

Radolfzell artists

Following the great success of the “Radolfzell Artists” exhibition in 2016 and 2019, the exhibition idea will enter its third round in 2023. A large number of artists are associated with Radolfzell. During the cultural mission statement development “Kultur Radolfzell 2020”, the idea arose to give this artistic diversity a presentation opportunity in the Villa Bosch.

From 01.09.2023 to 12.11.2023 and also on Culture Night, 12 artists will be presenting works of art from a wide range of artistic disciplines at Villa Bosch.

Further information

Michael Haaga & his songs

The blind singer and songwriter Michael Haaga presents his compositions, which he accompanies himself on the electric piano. The combination of his piano playing with the expressive lyrics lends the soulful pieces a mood that conveys the deep longings for life and love.

Performance times: 7 to 10 pm

Further information

Art by pupils

Pupils from the first to third grade of the Teggers School’s art club show off their skills in the stairwell of Villa Bosch. Inspired by the exhibition “Freiräume”, which was shown at Villa Bosch from April 15 to June 25, the young artists experimented with different colors and techniques. This resulted in a variety of artworks, from self-portraits to colorful landscape paintings.

City library

Marketplace 8, 78315 Radolfzell

Vocational College Fashion and Design – Galaxy

Models of the BK Fashion and Design

In this year’s “Galaxy” exhibition, the students of the Berufskolleg für Mode und Design Radolfzell immerse themselves in a world in which the stars become dancers, in which the colors of space are reflected in shimmering fabrics and the boundaries between reality and fantasy become blurred.


Art duo Remains

Petra Harder and Magdalena Oppelt

Petra Harder and Magdalena Oppelt present sculptures and paintings in the city library.

Petra Harder shows figurative works. A very multi-layered oeuvre with different human and animal figures awaits visitors. The objects are made of a modeling compound, which is produced from discarded, shredded police files.

Magdalena Oppelt shows representational paintings with vehicles altered in perspective, zoomed-in shells and human torsos. In addition, there are also transformed two-dimensional compositions in relief-like broken up layers.

Further information


The library sounds – with the Radolfzell music school

This year, various ensembles of music teachers from the Radolfzell municipal music school will bring the city library to life on different floors.

Let us surprise you!

The Freundeskreis Stadtbibliothek e.V. will be serving drinks at the champagne bar on the top floor.

Fernando ice cream parlor

Poststrasse 17, 78315 Radolfzell

Willy Cierpinsky

Willy Cierpinsky, the Radolfzell painter, has created new paintings in various techniques. Oil paintings, watercolors and ink paintings are his preferred materials, which he likes to use in his work.

As last year, the musical accompaniment by the band “Take Four” will be an additional treat on this evening.

City Museum

Seetorstrasse 3, 78315 Radolfzell

Stadtmuseum Radolfzell – Traveling exhibition “Landscape conservation”

Immerse yourself in the past with the city museum! On the first floor, the beautiful Biedermeier-style pharmacy tells the story of the pharmacy business in times gone by. The permanent exhibition on the second floor highlights key episodes in the town’s history. As part of the Culture Night, the exhibition of the Landschaftserhaltungsverband Konstanz e. V. (Constance Landscape Conservation Association) will be opened in the basement, providing information about the diverse activities for the benefit of rare species and protected habitats – from grazing projects with sheep to the use of state-of-the-art machinery. In addition, fascinating pictures by photographer Heinrich Werner of the flora and fauna of our region will be on display.

Further information

KFZ - Art for the future

Friedrich-Werber-Str. 15, 78315 Radolfzell

K for art

The group exhibition “K wie Kunst” shows contemporary positions of young artists from the fields of video, installation, object, graphics, photography and painting. The former Salamone car repair shop and the last remaining wooden shed of the Deutsche Bahn will become KFZ art for the future: a felted car accident, a necklace made of many earths, a participatory installation of orphaned photographs, questions to a researcher for fundamental physics at CERN, the visual occupation with a pin-up girl left behind, a rich-people room…
How do artists reflect the current situation in the world? And what food for thought can their works of art give us?

Performance times: 17-24h

Venue: KFZ Art for the Future

Street and no.: Friedrich-Werber Str. 13/1, 78315 Radolfzell am Bodensee

Further information


Sound Idea Lounge

Forsteistraße 2, 78315 Radolfzell

Fotofreunde Blende20

A journey of pleasure for the senses awaits visitors to the 2023 Culture Night in a cellar lounge under the Scheffelhof. Culture lovers can look forward to a unique symphony of images and music in an exciting atmosphere. The members of the Blende20 photo club present a selection of their works of art, while the band Sound Idea plays something from their musical repertoire for 20 minutes every hour on the hour. The result will be a cultural feast for the eyes and ears that will stay in your head for a long time to come. The entrance to the cozy lounge is opposite the Hotel zur Schmiede.

Further information

Sound Idea

“Unsurpassed as a crowd-puller” and “a fantastic symbiosis of pictures by photo friends Blende 20 and the most beautiful feast for the ears by the band Sound Idea” wrote the Südkurier about the Kulturnacht 2022. Well then – here’s to another Culture Night 2023!

As a quintessence of two larger formations, the band has been showing since 2016 with its own arrangements of well-known songs from eight decades that even quieter tones offer plenty of room for emotion and expression. The Sound Idea Lounge in the basement of the Scheffelhof offers the ideal platform for music and much more – also for other artists!

As in the 2022 Culture Night, the Blende20 photo friends will present a selection of their photographic works of art in the lounge that is well worth seeing.

Further information

Berger Jewelry Studio

Schützenstraße 2/1, 78315 Radolfzell

Atelier for jewelry Uwe Berger – Heavenly creations

Uwe Berger presents pieces of jewelry made of various metals – with their planetary counterparts. For example, gold stands for the sun, silver for the moon and copper for Venus.

Let yourself be inspired and enchanted by these mystical connections.

Further information


Seestraße 4, 78315 Radolfzell

Printmaking at Wunderfitz – News from the Victoria Graf studio

Last year’s visit to the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex allowed us to experience the fascination for old empty buildings and their use for culture in a completely different way.
The fascination of the shapes and patterns found there inspired him to create new works. The colors form a contrast to the dreariness of the old colliery – and the newly arranged patterns leave room for interpretation. The result is a new series of prints with a new context and unique presentation.

Short theater city tours with Dina Roos at 8, 9 and 10 pm

Filip Galiot will be mixing cocktails in the Wunderfitz, accompanied by music from the turntable. You can be a real whiz!

Further information

St. Meinrad's Church

St.-Meinrads-Platz 3, 78315 Radolfzell

Bromance – OrganGroove & BreakDance

The youth word “bromance” describes an intense friendship between two people who enjoy spending time together and have fun together. Organ music and street dancing? Can experts and artists of the most diverse forms of presentation also become friends? Why not? Bromance – organ groove and break dance! Come in for a special experiment event! Welcome … when the queen of instruments meets the body athletes from the street!

Performance times: 18.30 / 20.00 / 21.30 / 23.00

Further information

Christ Church Radolfzell

Brühlstraße 3, 78315 Radolfzell

Church in a new light

Axel Reinhard Böhme, Ulrich Riebe, Pia Löb and Eva Bielefeld present the church in a new light. Visitors can discover how the newly renovated Christuskirche shines in a new light both from the outside and the inside.

Abstract video sequences of water movements and light reflections, fast and slow color changes, grazing lights and strips of light projected onto the whitewashed walls allow guests to immerse themselves in another world.

Live music played by cantor Pia Löb, piano, and Eva Bielefeld, flute, make the whole thing a special visual and acoustic experience.

Further information

Bsundres arts and crafts

Brühlstraße 3, 78315 Radolfzell

Bsundres arts and crafts – Event canceled

Event at “Bsundres” unfortunately had to be canceled!


Schützenstraße 64, 78315 Radolfzell

Kunstklitsche – Fatin Rahmouni

Street art and contemporary art

The Kunstklitsche is a colorful place where contemporary art is made accessible to everyone.

Radolfzell artist Fatin Rahmouni believes that art is a commodity to which everyone has a right. Contemporary works as well as street art and abstract art are sold. Young and old have the opportunity to express their personality through art. Objects such as bicycle/ski helmets, skateboards or records can be used as canvases, as can porcelain, clothing or even bags.

In this way, art not only finds its way into the home, but also becomes a companion in everyday life.

Further information

Multigenerational house

Teggingerstr. 16, 78315 Radolfzell

Natalya Hurvich – Arriving at the lake

Portraits of Ukrainian children

Natalya Hurvich is a psychologist, art therapist and art educator. She came to Germany from Ukraine in 2022 and works and paints on a voluntary basis with a group of refugee children. She is also a passionate photographer and has won many awards for her portraits.
In the exhibition, she presents photographic portraits of children who came to Germany after the war. In the pictures you can see their pain, their grief and their suffering, but also how the help and love of caring people changed the lives of these children and filled them with joy and security.
Pictures by the children from the painting group will also be on display.

Further information

Teggingerstraße studio community

Teggingerstr. 22, 78315 Radolfzell

Teggingerstraße studio community

Asmus Semper-Schmidt, Ernst Preißer, Harald Pries and Christian Dierks

The three artists have been working together in the studio on Teggingerstrasse for years.

In addition to naturalistic portraits and life-size nudes, sometimes with links to Realism and New Objectivity by Asmus Semper-Schmidt and Expressionist landscapes by Harald Pries, prints, for example in the form of multicolored linocuts, and in some cases large-format works with references to Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art by Ernst Preißer can be seen here.

Works by Christian Dierks are planned as guest contributions.

Venue: Studio rooms in the backyard


The Radolfzell district of Markelfingen will take center stage at this year’s Culture Night. In cooperation with the local administration of Markelfingen, the association “Markelfingen attraktiv e.V.” and the “Kunstfreunde Markelfingen”, an art mile will enrich the cultural night.

Visitors can expect a rich program: music, theater, dance, visual arts and photography can be admired at ten stations along a “cultural mile”.

Food and drink will also be well catered for.

The children from the Markelfingen twirling group will provide a good mood with their dance performances at various locations on the art mile. The children are between 6 and 13 years old and train once a week with Jennifer and Manuela Diener.

They will perform at various venues during the Kulturnacht.

Let us surprise you!


Markolf Hall

Pirminstrasse 5, 78315 Radolfzell

Sylvia Anders – Creativity breaks open life

Music and colors appeal to the emotions and thoughts in a special way. Without words, Sylvia Anders tries to express her emotions with brush and paint. The curiosity of always creating something new, trying out new techniques, developing imagination and creating something out of things is an exciting experience. Painting means freedom for Anders to do something for himself alone and, when playing with brush and paint, to get involved with feelings for which words are sometimes lacking. This creates relaxation and always fills the artist with great joy.

Kurt Lauer – a life for art

Kurt Lauer became an “art bigamist” through his love of painting and music. His paintings are sometimes rather abstract, sometimes emphatically surrealistic. You can see the attention to detail. Lauer is an explorer, a researcher, a philosopher – the Columbus of painting. His masterpieces combine imagination, chance and vision.
Visitors should be inspired by his works during the Culture Night. The artist will also provide suitable musical entertainment.

Oliver Scharnefski

Feel from the sky to the lake

Oliver Scharnefski, born in 1969 in Schramberg in the Black Forest, turned to art as a teenager. His art teachers advised him to retain his impasto application of paint with relief-like, three-dimensional structural elements as a trademark.
He has lived in Markelfingen since 1997 and is passionate about the Hegau-Bodensee region, which is a recurring theme in his work.
His pictures are painted on wood or canvas in oil, acrylic and lacquer. Relief-like forms are created from platy maché.
Oliver Scharnefski feels at home in this potpourri, as it reflects his inner self: impression through expression – impression through expression.

Ned by Herold

Crossover punk rock pop. In a classic line-up with bass, guitar and drums. Songs by Linkin Park, Placebo, Green Day, Mik Jagger, Sportfreunde Stiller, Tote Hosen, Beatsteak. But also Katy Perry, Lost Frequencies, Muse and classics by Metallica. Supplemented with fun, rousing original compositions.

Rocks for all ages and for every event. The band plays unplugged or in a rocking five-man line-up. Quiet to listen to or really rocking out …

Performance times: 7 pm / 9 pm / 11 pm

Tango Argentino

Lucia Nuß has been teaching and dancing Tango Argentino and Argentine folk dance for 25 years. She has been working with my Argentinian compatriot Rafael Mendaro for three years. The two teach and give workshops in: Tango, Vals, Milonga and Chacarera (folk dance) at the Waldorf School Wahlwies. Lucia Nuß and Rafale Mendaro are looking forward to welcoming numerous spectators to watch them and some of their students dance.

Performance times: 6.30 pm / 8.30 pm / 9.30 pm

Further information

Veronika Langenbach

After working as a goldsmith for many years, Veronika Langenbach feels very lucky to be able to start the day full of joy every morning. The beautiful area and nature around Lake Constance inspire them to be creative in a variety of ways. This is how she draws inspiration for her pictures and wooden elements.


Markelfingen Music Society
Music narrated and illustrated

The Markelfingen Music Association contributes 2 performances to the Markelfingen Culture Night:
1. the Bremen Town Musicians
Cheerful and entertaining work for wind orchestra and narrator based on the famous fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm
Music: Angelo Sormani
Illustrated in real time by Gregor Repnik
Orchestra: Musikverein Markelfingen approx. 30 min

Performance times: 8 pm / 10 pm

2. the scattered spectacled snake
Diminuendo for a clarinettist, drone and narrator
Music: Wilfried Hiller
Text: Michael Ende
Emma Rauch, clarinet ca. 7 min

Performance times: 7 pm / 9 pm / 11 pm in the rehearsal room of the Markelfingen Music Association

Further information

Textile print design
Screen, flex and sublimation printing

Whether militant squirrels, helicopter parents or sea bears… there are no limits in the Rehfeld world. The mostly monochrome stencil motifs on the organically and fairly produced clothing form clear contrasts to the often brightly colored textiles. Quirky “short stories” that often make you smile, but are mostly bitingly critical and always thought-provoking.
In addition, multi-colored motifs are applied to mugs and baseball caps using flex and sublimation techniques or burned into breakfast boards using laser engraving.

Fancy a smile? Then come and see us!

Further information

Armin Dett
Music narrated and illustrated

As a designer, I explore rainforests and study the species inventory in them, especially moths. This incredibly species-rich group of animals is little or not at all published or even recorded – considering there are around 164,000 known butterfly species worldwide. Climate change and population growth are rapidly destroying their habitats. The works shown are an excerpt from my 5-year self-commissioned Citizen Science project on the butterflies of Madagascar’s rainforests. The book is hot off the press, comprises 416 pages and 1,200 illustrations of around 440 species.

Further information

Distillery Peter Blum

Unterdorfstraße 9, 78315 Radolfzell-Markelfingen

Art already in the 3rd generation

Burning for the homeland and cultural landscape. Certainly a lot has changed since the distillery began in 1933.
However, the art of refining fruit varieties in terms of shelf life, sugar content and changes in flavor were the challenges of the past.
Enjoy the time at the still where the distiller creates his reward for his hard work in tending and harvesting his trees.

And let the taste of the landscape go through your stomach with the blossoms on Culture Night.

Along the entire art mile

Along the entire art mile

Twirling group Markelfingen

The children from the Markelfingen twirling group will provide a good mood with their dance performances at various locations on the art mile. The children are between 6 and 13 years old and train once a week with Jennifer and Manuela Diener.

They will perform at various venues during the Kulturnacht.

Let us surprise you!




Stop off at the track

Unterdorfstr. 24, 78315 Radolfzell-Markelfingen

Renate Dohr

Text: The artist Renate Dohr, who grew up and lives in Radolfzell on Lake Constance, shows in her paintings her love of nature, the beauty of the plant and animal world, which she brings to the canvas in true-to-life and harmonious colors. Painting and drawing have always been signs of her artistic expression. She finds inspiration in the great outdoors. Her favorite medium is oil paint and pastels.

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Music store

Pirminstrasse 7

Markelfingen Music Society
Music narrated and illustrated

The Markelfingen Music Association contributes 2 performances to the Markelfingen Culture Night:
1. the Bremen Town Musicians
Cheerful and entertaining work for wind orchestra and narrator based on the famous fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm
Music: Angelo Sormani
Illustrated in real time by Gregor Repnik
Orchestra: Musikverein Markelfingen approx. 30 min
8 pm and 10 pm in the Markholfhalle in Markelfingen


2. the scattered spectacled snake
Diminuendo for a clarinettist, drone and narrator
Music: Wilfried Hiller
Text: Michael Ende
Emma Rauch, clarinet ca. 7 min
7 pm; 9 pm and 11 pm in the rehearsal room of the Markelfingen Music Association

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Mühlenweg 12, 78315 Radolfzell-Markelfingen

Markelfingen theater group

Practicing is hard

Three women and three men want to rehearse a play. Unfortunately, there are difficulties because they cannot agree on their role. The director is freaking out. If it goes on like this, there will be no play!

At the Culture Night, you will be surprised by what men and women have put together.

Performance times: 7 pm / 8 pm / 9 pm

Old mill

Mühlenweg 12, 78315 Radolfzell-Markelfingen

Manfred Knorr – Readings in the old mill

“Poetry to go”: Every day you should listen to at least one little song, read (or hear) a good poem, see an excellent painting and, if possible, speak a few sensible words.

Performance times: 7 pm / 8 pm / 9 pm / 9.30 pm


A magician lives in the magical village of Markelfingen. CHARLIE PENG. He will amaze old and young spectators of all genders with his magic show twice during the cultural night in the vaulted cellar of the mill. The starting times will be announced in good time.

Performance times: 7.30 pm / 8.30 pm

Church/parish hall

Laurentiusstraße 11, 78315 Radolfzell-Markelfingen


Photography by YTN – The beauty of nature

Yannik Nagel brings visitors closer to special places and animals through photography. The pictures were taken on discovery tours in the surrounding area in Germany and Switzerland. On this special evening, viewers can experience the captured moments together and immerse themselves in the atmosphere and emotions behind the pictures.

Film tour through the village church of St. Laurentius Markelfingen

Helmut Haselberger, honorary citizen of Radolfzell, knows the village church of St. Laurentius down to the last detail. In the film made by Werner Duffner in 2020, Helmut Haselberger guides viewers through the church, explains the statues and frescoes and provides historical background information.
The film lasts approx. 15 minutes and will be shown in a continuous loop in the church during Culture Night 2023.

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Parish hall

Black light theater

Continuous text: The term “black light theater” refers to a special form of theatrical performance in which the actors act in a completely darkened room with a black background. A special light source makes white and neon-colored objects or items of clothing glow, making them visible to the audience. Playing with these effects is what makes black light theater so special.
Children and young people from Markelfingen visualize short stories

Performance times: 7 p.m. / 9 p.m.

Town hall

Pirminweg 1, 78315 Radolfzell-Markelfingen

Sylke Rigling – Paintings with a twinkle in her eye

Acrylic paintings that reveal the joy of playing with colors, shapes and formats – this is what Sylke Rigling specializes in. The Markelfingen artist has not committed herself to one style, but is always trying out new things. What her pictures have in common, however, is the wink that runs like a common thread through her work. A rabbit in pink? A beach beauty in an extravagant outfit? A still life whose ingredients include coffee, fabric and paste? Everything to discover at the Radolfzell Culture Night. The name Rigling is certainly familiar to one or the other: Sylke Rigling is the daughter of the Hegau landscape painter Erhard Rigling, in whose footsteps she is following.

Paul Preißer – On the road in Markelfingen

Photographs hang as permanent exhibits in the Markelfingen town hall and also in the Hotel Amelie
and image processing by Paul Preißer.

In the hotel, plant motifs and imaginative treatments of landscape structures can be seen, while in the Markelfingen town hall, views of the village and its immediate surroundings from all points of the compass can be seen. Some views are no longer possible, e.g. due to the “Im Tal” development or other changes.

Paul Preißer develops parallel and matching musical pieces that condense visual impressions into an auditory experience, such as “Gewitter” or “Auf der Pirsch”.

Hotel Amelie

Markolfstrasse 8, 78315 Radolfzell-Markelfingen

Hotel Amelie, Markolfstraße 8

The Preißer family exhibits – painting, graphics and photography

Figurative depictions and portraits by Bettina Kaczmarek-Preißer; nature photographs by Paul Preißer; landscapes and abstract designs by Ernst Preißer.


Petite Cigale

Radolfzeller Str. 15, 78315 Radolfzell-Markelfingen

Sabine Burger – Pop and jazz with dedication

The voice of singer and guitarist Sabine Burger gives you goosebumps – songs like “Empire State of Mine” by Alicia Keys and “Little Green” by Joni Mitchell are just as much at home with her.

Sabine Burger is a singer and vocal coach and teaches singing at Studio Ecke 7 in Markelfingen and at the music school in Radolfzell. She studied music therapy at the SRH University of Applied Sciences in Heidelberg and vocal pedagogy at the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen.

Sabine Burger will be accompanied by Andreas Bung on the piano. He studied piano and composition at the Musikhochschule Trossingen and is a répétiteur and piano teacher at the Musikschule Konstanz.

Performance times: 6.30 pm / 7.45 pm / 8.45 pm

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Dorothea Conrath: The world of color

On this evening, Dorothea Conrath presents colorful, diverse paintings inspired by nature. Photographs are turned into works of art using acrylic paints that radiate joy through their colorful expression. Visitors can look forward to a colorful evening at the Petite Cigale!

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Oleksandr Makovetskyi: Watercolors

Oleksandr Makovetskyi mainly shows watercolors of landscapes from his old homeland, the Ukraine. Fleeing from the war, he ended up in Markelfingen, where he was given a warm welcome at the Petite Cigale.

Selma Schabana: Dance of Colors

Born in Tübingen and living on Lake Constance, the German-Egyptian artist and feng shui consultant combines bright colors and powerful symbols to create moving color experiences.
Selma Schabana’s pictures are the result of daydreams. She draws her inspiration from song lyrics, advertising pillars and the infinite mysteries of life. Bright colors alternate with black and white elements. In the end, the artist’s aim is always to appeal to the beauty and lightness of life in the viewer and to conjure up a smile.

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Engelhaftes by Claus Witte – old to magical new

Rusty metal, saws and shovels, driftwood and stones are transformed into individual angel sculptures.

Available: WC, food, drink